4 Reasons your SEO team and PPC team must be besties

There was a time when companies work with two separate teams for search engine optimization and pay per click. It was natural to use different strategies in reaching the goal of being more popular on search engines. However, these days, the line begins to blur. Whether the company decided to work with teams from the same agency or not, the members need to work closely. The best PPC companies have to work with quality SEO companies to guarantee results. These are the reasons for doing so. 

  1. Cover all the bases 

Back then, marketers think of these two strategies as separate and opposite. For organic searches, SEO works better. For quick rise to the top, PPC makes more. The truth is that combining both strategies can reach different audiences in various stages of their online search journey. 

For SEO, the goal is to reach users who are yet unclear about what to buy. They prefer looking for information organically than the ones suggested by the paid ad. PPC focuses on customers who already know what they want to buy. It’s only a matter of determining whom to trust. Both strategies can increase leads but in different ways. SEO is for users who might sign up for newsletters or follow social media pages, while PPC is for those who will turn into paying customers in no time.

The point is that both teams have to relay data with each other to guarantee that the company covers all the bases. Regardless of where the user is in the journey, the company can get to them. 

  1. It’s a cost-effective choice

Hiring two different agencies to do these tasks can be costly. Even when asking the same agency to provide varied services, the company needs to spend a lot. The good thing about an integrated PPC and SEO campaign is that it allows a more proactive data sharing strategy. It leads to quicker results. It’s easier for both SEO and PPC agencies to do well. If the business spends more time figuring out how to attract attention and reach the top of SERPs, it will use more financial resources. Therefore, it’s in the company’s best interest to have both teams working closely. 

  1. PPC and SEO SERP appearances increase brand awareness

It’s a false notion to think that using both strategies to increase brand awareness leads to duplication and is a waste of time. The truth is that appearing twice on top of search engines doesn’t have a downside. The business will benefit from having more links for people to choose from. Also, Google is intentionally doing it to boost companies doing well on both fronts. Imagine having a link appearing as part of the paid ads on the top and another one as a result of search engine optimization. If the user skipped on the first one, it’s hard to miss the other. The presence of both links on top also reinforces the idea that the company is trustworthy. It’s like getting an endorsement from Google that the company is a top choice for the searched keyword. Besides, success on both ends doesn’t usually happen. If it does, it shows how excellent the strategies were. Even if only SEO efforts yielded results, it’s still an opportunity to raise brand awareness. 

PPC isn’t only about Google’s paid ads anymore. The idea of paid ads extended to social media campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms also started monetizing their sites by accepting paid ads. Hence, it heightens the need for PPC and SEO to have a close link. Search engines also rank websites higher if they have strong links coming from social media platforms. The point is that PPC teams shouldn’t only be excellent in one area. They have to be flexible and learn to try different approaches to boost brand awareness. Modern marketing elements are no longer independent. They have to work closely to be successful. 

In the past, companies worked with different agencies. There’s an agency dedicated only to SEO, while another one does web design. These days, the best PPC companies are capable of doing multiple responsibilities. The point is that everyone needs to see the company’s best interest. They have to set common goals and find ways to get there. There are times when the agencies have to pay more attention to web design, and PPC needs to take a backseat. In some instances, it’s the other way. It won’t matter if all teams understand the relevance of one team lifting the other. 

  1. Quality is key

Just because using these online marketing strategies is effective doesn’t mean that the company can partner with anyone. Quality should be the priority. 

If the company already has a search engine optimization team, outsourcing the PPC team can be an option. Since these two teams have to work closely, they need to know each other from the start. It also helps if the outsourced company understands what the existing team already does. It should also be clear for both sides that the goal is to boost the business. It’s not a competition. If both sides can lift each other, it’s a step in the right direction. Look for an option that can complement the existing team. There might be frictions at first, but it’s easy to resolve. 

Find the best PPC companies 

The good thing about the pay per click efforts is that there are many options available. There’s no need to deal with every strategy within the company. Outsourcing is easy. Some of the best PPC companies have multiple services offered. Working with them will guarantee success. They also know what it takes to keep up with the trends. The best way to find the right company is by checking its website. Make sure that it’s also popular in terms of traffic received. The website should also rank high in search engines. It might not be worth it if the company works with an agency that can’t even boost its popularity.